Responsible Use Guidelines

1. Be on time. If it is a new client (for you) arrive 10 minutes early.
2. Call each new client as soon as you sign up for one of their sits.  Introduce yourself, let them know you look forward to meeting them, confirm the date/time you'll be coming, leave them your phone # in case they need to reach you.  For repeat clients, no need to call each time.  Texting to confirm repeat clients is ok.
3.  No smoking or alcohol consumption during the sit.
4.  You must maintain an active driver’s license and car insurance while picking up sitting jobs.
5.  Do not take the children on personal errands. Do not drive the children anywhere without the parents' expressed permission.
6.  Do not have any of your friends or family in a client’s home.
7.  Do not use television as the sole means of entertaining the children. All sitters should be actively engaged with the kids they are watching.
8.  Clean up after yourself! No extensive cleaning is needed, but leave the house as clean or cleaner than when you arrived.
9.  Change the baby’s diaper at least once during the sit and check the diaper frequently.
10. Do not use their home phone or computer for personal use.
11. Find out house rules.  NEVER discipline physically (e.g. spanking)!
12. Dress appropriately. Casual attire is fine. Wear clothes that you can easily play in, get dirty in, etc. but still look put together and presentable when you show up.
13. Inform the parents of what happened during the sit, such as if there were any time outs, how the day went, if they ate a meal, etc.
14. Have the client phone number, address and directions with you at all times. Call the client directly if delayed for any reason.  If you can’t reach them, THEN call us.  If lost, don’t hesitate in calling the client for directions.
15. You may bring homework, magazines or books with you on the sit but may only work on these after the children are in bed.
16. Make sure your profile is up to date with your schedule availability and contact information.
17. If you need to cancel a sit CALL Sitters Unlimited as soon as possible and speak with someone directly. DO NOT call a family to cancel a sit (unless we are closed, unable to help and it is an absolute emergency). DO NOT send a text to cancel a sit.  If you email us and we do not reply, we didn’t get the message.  Call us to verify.
18. Do not use cell phones for personal use or texting while on the job.  Only when children are asleep should you be looking at your own phone.
19. Please let parents know IF their children are listed as having allergies and IF you plan on bringing your own food.  Make sure whatever you bring is ok/safe. 
20. Do not bring additional children to the sit (including your own).
21. Check your online schedule the week of your sits to confirm times & dates have not changed.
22. NEVER are you to go to one of our client's homes for a sit or any other reason outside of booking through Sitters Unlimited, LLC.  ALL sits, household help, pet sitting and nannyships must be approved, scheduled and booked online through our service.  
*Should you build up a relationship with a family, it is fine to discuss potential dates/times for you to come back in the future, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM SITTERS UNLIMITED LLC if you have booked a sit with them in the future.  Since families cannot enter a new sit request (or modify an existing one) within 48 hrs of the sit start time, you can remind the parent before then to enter it and request you but once it hits that 48 hr prior to sit-start time, be sure to contact us if you plan on going to sit for them because we'll have to book it/assign you/bill them before you can go. 
*If ever we discover that you have sat for one of our clients outside of the service, we will hold both you and the family legally liable for breach of contract.
23. Although we encourage you to communicate with clients while you are connected to Sitters Unlimited, should either party terminate the relationship (e.g. quit or fired), you agree not to contact any client of Sitters Unlimited for a period of 1 year from the date of termination.
24. No identifying photos of any minor children in any family may be shared via electronic transmission without the expressed, written consent of the parent. Comments about any family or family member, either positive or negative, should never be shared electronically via text or on any website, social media included.
25. Sitters may accept payments in cash or check only, so as to keep all payments consistent from one sitter to another.  No Venmo, PayPal or other app payments permitted.

Babysitter Activity to Elevate Status
  1. Pick up last minute babysitting jobs.
  2. Keep profile availability accurate & send SittersUnlimited LLC an email when you make a change.
  3. Notify SittersUnlimited LLC each week if there are specific days on which you would like to have babysitting jobs.
  4. Parents provide positive feedback after you have babysat.
  5. Check website daily.
  6. Check out Sitter Toolkit & Tips on Youtube.