Responsible Use Guidelines

To participate in this service you agree to abide by the following appropriate use guidelines with respect to using a babysitter in the network. By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree that when using this service, you will not:
  • Schedule a sitter outside of the service.  You can ask a sitter if they're available for a given date/time, but all sits MUST be scheduled through our service and not solely through a verbal discussion with a sitter.  If it is not scheduled online, the sitter is not permitted to come so be sure to follow through with your formal request.
  • Conduct illegal or child endangering activities in your home such as drug or alcohol abuse. This includes the presence of drug paraphernalia or conduct under the influence that causes our babysitters to feel uncomfortable.
  • Keep in plain view inappropriate media. This could include materials that are sexual explicit in nature.
To make communication with your sitters clear & transitions of leaving the household smooth we recommend you provide the following information to each sitter:
  • A schedule of naps, bed times, dinner/snack times, practice times, etc.
  • Medical and/or allergy information about your children
  • Expectations for your home, such as T.V. time, homework time, time out, etc.
  • Emergency contact information to your sitter 
If parents are late coming home & have not notified the sitter, we have an escalation process for the situation. If the family registration is missing any of the information needed below, the proceeding step will be followed at the 30 minute milestone. Ex: If no emergency contacts are listed, the police will be notified after parents are 60 minutes late without notification.
  • After 30 minutes: parents mobile phones will be called
  • Additional 30 minutes: Emergency contacts will be notified
  • Additional 30 minutes: Police will be notified